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Play Mylène Farmer - Si javais au moins...

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Hi, I’m Dino Cotardo this is online my portfolio.
You’re welcome as a guest in my home page.

About Me

I’m a textile mechanician 40 years’ experience, currently employed on the weaving. I have a rich experience mechanics of the following machinery: Somet Thema & Somet Master, Vamatex P401, Vamatex Leonardo, Promatech Silver, Dornier Dialog Panel AT1 /AT2 / P2, Mechanical Jacquard Stäubli CR620.
Currently I live in Salento (south Italy)… a place beyond comparison.
In the past I’ve worked as a disc jockey as well.
My hobby: Bonsai growing

Where am I

Photo: Acquaviva, Province of Lecce, Apulia - Italy
Photographer: Cesarea Accogli

I live in a small town near the Adriatic sea “Castrignano dei Greci” Province of Lecce – Apulia – Italy   🇮🇹

Dino Cotardo


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