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Play Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug - Vinyl 79-80's

If you grew up in the ‘80s and had even the smallest of passing interest in music, particularly Club Music, chances are you were very familiar, albeit unwittingly, with the work of John Morales. On the radio, in the record racks and most importantly on the dancefloor John’s work (predominately with studio partner Sergio Munzibai) helped define an era and influence future generations of DJs, producers and artists.

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Hi, I’m Dino Cotardo this is online my portfolio.
You’re welcome as a guest in my home page.

About Me

I’m a textile mechanician 40 years’ experience, currently employed on the weaving. I have a rich experience mechanics of the following machinery: Somet Thema & Somet Master, Vamatex P401, Vamatex Leonardo, Promatech Silver, Dornier Dialog Panel AT1 /AT2 / P2, Mechanical Jacquard Stäubli CR620. Currently I live in Salento (south Italy)… a place beyond comparison.
In the past I’ve worked as a disc jockey as well.
My hobby: Bonsai growing

Where am I

Photo: Roca, Old Fortress - Salento - Italy 🇮🇹

I live in a small town near the Adriatic sea “Castrignano dei Greci” Province of Lecce – Apulia – Italy   🇮🇹


Foundation Le Costantine  

Dino Cotardo


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